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Ashiatsu is a barefoot massage technique that has been performed for thousands of years. Its roots are in India and Asia. Performed today is a Westernized version of the oriental bar therapy. If you are in need of a deep tissue massage, this is the answer. Ashiatsu is performed with the massage therapist holding on to parallel bars attached to the ceiling. I hold onto the bars for balance, and use my feet to get the deep tension that is in your muscles.  I promise I'm not stepping on you! I'm simply letting gravity help direct the varying amounts of pressure where you need it the most. This is easiest on me versus using my hands for a traditional deep tissue. It is most relaxing for you. 

It is the opposite of shiatsu. Ashiatsu means foot pressure, while shiatsu means finger pressure. 

You shouldn't get Ashiatsu if:

You are pregnant

Anyone who has had any recent accidents or injuries

If you are a woman and have recently, are currently, or will be on your menstrual cycle, Ashiatsu can make it last a few days longer or make it return for a short time. Please keep this in mind if you are planning on getting this massage. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. 


Similar to Swedish, your aftercare should include plenty of rest and fluids, preferably water. You may feel sore as if you just had a great workout.

60 Minutes

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90 Minutes


120 Minutes


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